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September 25, 2019  

The Four Phases of Living

September 25, 2019


The Four Phases of Life-as-a-Craft
span one's entire lifetime. Each with its
own unique mission and  goals. 


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PHASE I: Apprenticeship | Age 12-25  Listen to the Episode

Apprenticeship is defined as the specific period of time during which one learns to comprehend the nature of the raw materials of the craft, and the skillful use and application of the tools of the craft of life.  It is as much about 'what to learn', as it is about 'how to learn' when there is no mentor available to guide us.

PHASE II: Journeywork | Age 25-45  Listen to the Episode

Journeywork comprises the many years of work performed after Apprenticeship toward becoming a Master. It is the time when a craftsperson distinguishes him or herself by earning their way in life by their craftwork. having learned to "stand on their own two feet." It is a time lasting approximately twenty to twenty-five years.

PHASE III: Masterwork | Age 45-65  Listen to the Episode

The Masterwork Phase can be characterized as the finishing or 'polishing' Phase, after years of Journeywork to distinguish oneself as a skilled craftsperson. What primarily distinguishes work performed during this Phase is the level of craftsmanship being executed in subjects within The Five Elements.  It is the time for creating 'masterpieces'.

PHASE IV: Mentorship | Age 65-85  Listen to the Episode

The Mentorship Phase is not referring to the act of personal mentoring in the traditional sense, rather, it defines the fourth phase; the time period in the practice of life as a craft, during which the primary objective is to make accessible to those who would seek it, select masterworks, knowledge  and an account of your practice of craftsmanship as a legacy for the next generation.