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September 25, 2019  

The Five Elements

September 25, 2019

The 5 Elements

"The body of knowledge comprising 'the craft of life', is divided into Five Elements. Each Element is a container for life-skills subjects to be learned over time. The objective of 'Making a Masterpiece of Your Life' is to achieve incremental excellence across all The Five Elements."

--Life As A Craft

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Element 1: Family Heritage | Listen to the Episode

The First Element of life-as-a-craft is your Family Heritage. Your Family is alive with a past, a present and a future. It is the place from which Human Beings emerge and connect to in some form all the days of our lives. Who you are and who you become is greatly influenced by your connection to Family. It is the basis of who we first see ourselves to be.

Subjects include: 

  • Philosophy and Values
  • Family Goals and Accomplishments
  • Ancestry
  • Family Symbols
  • Family Mission

Element 2: Family Management | Listen to the Episode

Family Management is concerned with the smooth running of your home making it a happy place for all family members to live and grow. If the Family and its environment are not managed in a balanced way, conflicts arise causing pain and distress for family members. Good Family management is a critical element to the family's happiness and success.

Subjects include:

  • Good Conduct
  • Personal/Family Property
  • Schedules and Time
  • Safety & Security

Element 3: Family & Personal Finance | Listen to the Episode

Family & Personal Finance deals with skillfully managing your money. Money is a vital resource to fuel the growth of your family as water is to the growth of a flower. Families and individuals can achieve incremental excellence in this critical element providing abundance of resources for Family and personal growth.

Subjects include: 

  • Budgeting
  • Investing
  • Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Financial Goals
  • Contributions

Element 4: The Human Being | Listen to the Episode

The Human Being is the "primary material" of life-as-a-craft. As wood is to the carpenter or clay to the potter, so is the Human Being to the practitioner of life-craft. A natural, uneven material, the Human Being requires very special handling. It is both fragile and resilient under the right conditions. Human Being's sprout and grow from the gardens we call Family.

Subjects include:

  • Sexuality
  • Death
  • Emotions
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Career

Element 5: Tools for Living | Listen to the Episode

Element Five of life-as-a-craft concerns itself with powerful instruments called tools. When used in the hands of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, they produce superior results. When used by the untrained or when carelessly used they can cause great and irreparable damage to the fragile Human Being -- the "materia prima" -- raw material of life-craft.

Subjects include:

  • Types of Tools
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Proper Application
  • The Tool Box