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September 16, 2019  

108 The Five Elements: Element 2 - Family Management

September 16, 2019

Episode Host: Charles Collins

Motivational Quote:

"To introduce unique character into one's household,

Is not a modern idea. Subtle good works of taste,

Are now, and always have been appreciated."

-- Ruth Dayan, Israeli Craftswoman

The Five Elements of Life-as-a-Craft: Element 2: Family Management is concerned with the smooth running of your home making it safe place for family members to live and grow. Like a Master craftsman's workshop, the 'family workshop' needs to be managed with clear guidelines if it is going to be successful. 

Season 1: Episodes 101-111 - Present the framework to skillfully practice 'life' as a structured craft. 

Episode 108: In this episode, we talk about:

  • Your Home As Workshop
  • Family Policies
  • Grievances & Suggestions
  • Skillful Management in the Way of Craftsmanship

Life As A Craft

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