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September 16, 2019  

109 The Five Elements: Element 3 - Family & Personal Finance

September 16, 2019

Episode Host: Charles Collins

Motivational Quote:

"Craftsmanship tells us something about the proper use of resources.

The craftsman wasted not, and wanted not."

-- Martin Lawrence, Writer Craftsman

The Five Elements: Element 3 - Family & Personal Finance. Scholars find that personal attitudes toward money developed in our childhood, have a significant effect on the well-being of the families we manage later in life.  Families and individuals must understand this and learn to achieve incremental excellence in this critical Element providing abundance of resources for family and personal growth.

Season 1: Episodes 101-111 - Present the framework to skillfully practice 'life' as a structured craft. 

Episode 109: In this episode, we talk about:

  • Financial Management Skills
  • Personal Financial Behavior
  • Family Financial Behavior
  • Preparing for the Future

Life As A Craft

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