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September 16, 2019  

106 Life As A Craft: Phase 4 - Mentorship

September 16, 2019

Episode Host: Charles Collins

Motivational Quote:

"Only when I was 73, had I got some sort of insight,

Into the real structure of nature. At 90, I shall grasp the mystery of things."

-- Hokusai, Master Painter

Life-as-a-Craft - Phase 4: Mentorship. The 20 year period from ages 65-85+ in the practice of life as a craft, during which the primary objective is to review and select masterworks, knowledge and skills development exercises to make available to those who would seek it, and to form an account of one's practice of craftsmanship as a benchmark for future generations of practitioners.

Season 1: Episodes 101-111 - Present the framework to skillfully practice 'life' as a structured craft. 

Episode 106: In this episode, we talk about:

  • Selecting Artifacts and Masterworks for Presentation
  • Making Masterworks Available to Others
  • The Five Elements in the Mentorship Phase
  • The Way of Craftsmanship in the Mentorship Phase

Life As A Craft

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