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September 16, 2019  

105 Life As A Craft: Phase 3 - Masterwork

September 16, 2019

Episode Host: Charles Collins

Motivational Quote

"In the beginning, before there were hand tools,

There were the storytellers.

Craftsmen of the imagination."

-- The Anonymous Craftsman

Life-as-a-Craft - Phase 3: Masterwork. The 20 year period from ages 45-65, when the Journeyman having practiced endurance, and distinguished oneself as a skilled practitioner in a variety of subjects within the Five Elements of life-as-a-craft, crosses the threshold into the Masterwork Phase of life-as-a-craft.  The time for practicing at a higher level of craftsmanship creating masterpieces of 'thought'.

Season 1: Episodes 101-111 - Present the framework to skillfully practice 'life' as a structured craft. 

Episode 105: In this episode, we talk about:

  • The Five Elements of Life-as-a-Craft
  • The Master's Journal
  • Mindcraft - Masterpieces of 'Thought'
  • The Way of Craftsmanship in Masterwork

Life As A Craft

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