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September 16, 2019  

107 The Five Elements: Element 1 - Family Heritage

September 16, 2019

Episode Host: Charles Collins

Motivational Quote:

"With a deep love of clay, the potter learns his craft.

... He has within his hands the ability to create,

A mirror of his people."

-- Ruth Dayan, Israeli Craftswoman


The Five Elements of Life-as-a-Craft: Element 1: Family Heritage covers a wide variety of topics. Who you are and who you become is greatly influenced by your connection to Family. It is the basis of who we first see ourselves to be. We begin our training here in life-as-a-craft.

Season 1: Episodes 101-111 - Present the framework to skillfully practice 'life' as a structured craft. 

Episode 107: In this episode, we talk about:

  • What is Family
  • Family Heritage
  • Ancestry, Family Name, Family Symbols, etc.
  • Family Legacy

Life As A Craft

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